ACCMA Luminaries (Vampire Teachers)

"Vampire Teachers"


From: Charles Runels
Date: November, 2015

Who are we?

We could call ourselves "physicians who study and research and develop and teach other physicians how to use blood-derived growth factors and other cell biology strategies to rejuvenate tissue, heal disease, and to improve health, beauty, and sexual relations."

We could call ourselves, "The Society of Teachers and Luminaries for the American Cosmetic Cellular Medicine Association." That would make a nice acronym, STALACCMA, and we could pronounce it, "Sta-Lak-Ma."

Instead, for simplicity and fun, we could  refer to the website and perhaps to each other as "Vampire Teachers."  At least it's easier than the other names to type into your eye phone.

Also, we could try to meet in person every month...but that would be impossible since our group is world-wide (and mostly impossible if we were all in the same town. We could just call each other on the phone and talk or I could try to communicate with everyone by email.

Or, we could just all go our own way, and make up individual names, and teach widely varying methods....

And then, there's another way...

In talking with our teachers over the past few moths, it's become apparent that it's very important that we create a forum that sustains our research and teaching in an environment where there is basically ZERO funding from pharmaceutical companies (since there is no drug) or from manufacturers of the PRP kits (since none of them have an exclusive on the procedures)...I realized that we really NEED a way to communicate with each other quickly across the globe.

Vampire Teachers

This is simply a private forum (open only to our teachers) for us to work with each other to develop & design the research, improve the teaching methods, the materials, the legal, the marketing, the next ideas...all of it.
So, this is where we can do all of the following...

  • Store ever up-datable, downloadable teaching materials (Keynote/PowerPoint, visuals)
  • Host videos about teaching the classes and how to encourage and motivate our students.
  • Discuss and polish and ever improving, mostly homogenous curriculum that both instructs and encourages others to adopt the most effective ways to do the procedures.
  • Host legal documents and advice to keep help avoid the traps.
  • Discuss further research about the procedures and methods of teaching medical procedures.

We will grow the teaching group in a controlled manner as the need for more teachers grows, always keeping quality high and consistency so that patients receive an excellent standard of care no matter where they may see one of our providers and no matter who taught them.

Very best regards,

Charles Runels, MD
Charles Runels, MD